South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Imagine Zero Carbon South Yorkshire


We are developing a multi-million pound partnership bid to the National Lottery Climate Action Fund, to develop community solutions to climate change and carbon reduction across South Yorkshire.

The National Lottery have awarded us an initial development grant and we kick-started this 18 month development phase with our visioning event ‘Imagine Zero Carbon South Yorkshire’, held on 12 November 2020.

This was a very positive event, attended by approximately 70 people from across the region, from around 40 different organisations and backgrounds from freelance artists to large arts organisations, sustainability consultants, local & national climate & environmental campaign groups, faith groups, TUC, and Sheffield & Barnsley Councils.

The event created a strong vision and lots of ideas for a greener, happier, healthier, fairer and more neighbourly future. We broke into small groups to imagine how in 7 years time, South Yorkshire would be better as a result of the work that had been done. What would be better in our homes, our neighbourhoods, our cities, towns & villages, and across South Yorkshire? What would be different about how we would spend our time?

Each group wrote their ideas in a document. You can view these, room by room, in the PDFs which you can view and/or download by clicking the links at the end of this article. Rachael Hand, our Partnership Development Coordinator, also created a visualisation of these, which you can view by downloading a pdf here

TIP: The visualisation includes hundreds of ideas; to see them in detail you will need to zoom in closely.

As well as including lots of practical solutions to climate change, (the red/orange end of the visualisation) the answers also reflected a real hunger to hold onto what we have learned to treasure, as a result of Covid – connection and love of nature, connection and support for one another, tackling injustice and inequality, and empowering people to take their own decisions via education and a greater say.

All these ideas fed into our December event Create Zero Carbon South Yorkshire. Read more about that event here to find out how you can add your voice to this process.

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Daisy Image adapted from original by: William Warby, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons