South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Open Letter to Boris Johnson from The Climate Coalition

We are proud to be members of The Climate Coalition, which brings together 100s of organisations, representing millions of people in the UK, campaigning for climate and social justice. We have written to the Prime Minister, calling on him to take more urgent and radical action ahead of COP26.  Read the full letter here: 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

This is your chance to leave an historic legacy.

Wild weather, raging fires, deadly floods and rising seas are sweeping the globe. They’re caused by human-made emissions and the destruction of nature, and they’re devastating lives here and across the world.

The damage we’re doing to rainforests, oceans and our own countryside means there are some sights our grandchildren will never see and some cultures that will be lost forever.

Lives and livelihoods are already being torn apart in communities on the frontlines of the crisis.

The public’s concern about climate change has reached an all-time high [1]. We expect you to protect our future. Your success or failure will be written about in the history books. 

You could be remembered for agreeing a global plan to cut emissions to stop the world heating by more than 1.5℃, and leading by example in the UK by drawing the fossil fuel era to a close.

You could be remembered for leading global commitments to restore and protect nature in the next decade, and leading by example in the UK by building back our woodland and peatlands that capture carbon and slow down climate change.

You could be remembered for ensuring there is financial support to meet the scale of the impacts faced by the people and communities most affected by climate change globally, and leading by example in the UK by investing to create new green jobs. 

Failing to face the biggest existential threat since World War II will be no legacy at all. Will you deliver an historic climate deal that respects the contract between this generation and the next? 

Yours sincerely,

The Climate Coalition, representing 22 million people across the UK.

Full list of signatures:


Woodland Trust


Hope for the Future

National Trust


Green Alliance

Surfers Against Sewage

Oxfam GB

One Home


Eco Action Families

National Union of Students

Students Organising for Sustainability

Carbon Neutral Cambridge

Feedback Global

Jesuit Missions

Islamic Relief

Women’s Environment Network

The British Mountaineering Council

Climate Stewards

Student Christian Movement

Christian Aid

St Nicks

Co-operative Group

WCL Link

Buddy Burst


Transition Town Berkhamsted

Carbon Copy

Size of Wales

Young Climate Warriors

Grasslands Plus

Save the Children

Faith for the Climate

Environmental Justice Foundation

Operation Noah

One World Week

Havant Climate Alliance


CARE International



UNA Laser

United Reformed Church

Alton Climate Action Network

Climate Friendly Bradford upon Avon





MCS Foundation

Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum

Population Matters

Transition Town Kingston

Students for Global Health

Soil Association



Community Energy England

Ceraphi Energy

Marine Conservation Society

The ONE Campaign

Practical Action

Ben & Jerry’s

Climate Reality Europe

Environmentally Conscious


Climate Outreach


Robin Hood Tax

Stamp Out Poverty

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Kendal Torchlight

Muslim Charities Forum

Muslim Council of Britain

Greenpeace UK

InterClimate Network

Humanist Climate Action

Church of England Environment Programme



Scientists for Global Responsibility

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Gloucestershire Climate Action Network

International Voluntary Service

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Climate Coalition NI

Methodist Church in Britain

Teach the Future


Centre for Alternative Technology

International Institute for Environment and Development

A Rocha

Climate Sunday

Meat Free Monday

New Weather Institute

Rapid Transition Alliance

Swindon Climate Action Network

Wiltshire Climate Alliance


Global Citizen

The Wildlife Trusts

Oxfordshire Climate Alliance

Climate Cymru

[1] ‘The public’s concern about climate change has reached an all-time high.’ 

Source: YouGov, the most important issues facing the country tracker, 19 September 21