South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

SCA Learning Review Report

To all in SCA 

The last two years have presented huge challenges for us all. Despite this, a lot of people have continued to work really hard to keep the Climate and Nature emergencies on the agenda in South Yorkshire, by engaging with local and regional politicians and officials, and with the general public. The Covid pandemic also gave an extra urgency and relevance to areas on which SCA’s volunteers, partners and allies were already working such as healthcare, clean air, access to nature and green spaces, affordable, sustainable, locally sourced food, democracy, media and the arts, and a just and sustainable recovery from the pandemic with opportunities for employment in green jobs.

Our bid for a partnership development project to the National Lottery was just nearing completion as the pandemic hit. Despite this, a successful in person public engagement programme ran from Spring 2021 onwards. In the meantime, the SCA Board has evolved from being the committee of an unincorporated community group to the Board of Directors of a registered (not for profit) company, responsible for a number of employees and managing governance and strategy challenges. SCA is becoming a learning organisation in which actions are reviewed and reflected upon, to inform future work. It is in this context that this Learning Review is happening. 

We are pleased to publish the Summary Report from the first stage of review – Looking Back – Learning. 

We are very grateful to Kim Orwin, the Secretary to the SCA Board, for taking on the task of collating this report. 

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Rachael Hand, Partnership Coordinator for SCA

Vanessa Senger, co-chair SCA