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National Bus Conference – Campaigning for Outstanding Bus Services

Yorkshire and Humber Pensioners Convention are organising a national bus conference “Campaigning for Outstanding Bus Services” on Saturday 17th June.

The Y&HPC has an active transport group which campaigns around transport issues, particularly the crisis in bus services. In December 2019 they published a transport manifesto, “Better Bus Services: good for people, good for the planet”, which you can read here.

They have now organised a national bus conference, which will be held in York, and online, on Saturday 17th June. The Campaigning for Outstanding Bus Services conference aims to bring together activists, campaigners and trade unionists from across the UK to share experiences and develop plans for actions to save and improve our bus services.

Keynote speakers include:

Ellie Harrison, Get Glasgow Moving,

Brad Taylor, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England,

Jan Shortt, National Pensioners Convention,

Matthew Topham, We Own It.

Y&HPC are encouraging attendees to register as soon as possible. For more information, click here.