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Kids Plant Trees has a new patron!

The latest news from Kids Plant Trees:

We’re excited to announce Lydia Monks, the children’s book author and illustrator, will be working with us to encourage more children (and their grown-ups) to get outside in green spaces and help nature where they live.

Lydia is best known for her collaborations with Julia Donaldson, including the hugely successful What the Ladybird Heard franchise. Lydia’s latest book Adoette was inspired by the Sheffield Tree Protests, and the campaign to save the ash tree outside her daughter’s school.

Lydia says: “I think what Anna and the team are doing is so important. We need to encourage children to be enthusiastic about trees and nature. It’s difficult for children growing up in cities when access to nature is not always easy. If we can bring a bit of nature into schools, hopefully we can inspire children to cherish the precious natural environment around us”.

A photo of illustrator Lydia Monks, who has become a patron of Kids Plant Trees, who help children get outdoors and connect with nature