South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

ACT NOW – Making a drama out of a crisis

We will write and perform to amplify YOUR Campaign.

The end of the world is nigh we are told
As the climate changes so fast
The powers that be need to act and be bold
If life stands an earthly to last

We’ve seen famine and fire, covid, and flood
And our spirits are starting to tire
Of those powers that seem simply stuck in the mud
Whilst doing nothing but fanning the fire

So we challenged ourselves to throw off our despair
And drama began to enthral us
We agreed that our strength is ‘do owt for a dare’
Shrinking violets are not what you’d call us!

So we started ACT NOW to get out on the street
Gain attention from those passing by
And summon the press and give THEM a treat
So THEY shout our message on high

If you have a cause that you need to be heard
And climate issues concern you as much
We’re the ones prepared to look like a nerd
Don’t hesitate – please get in touch!

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