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Regather shortlisted for BBC Food and Farming Award

Congratulations to Regather who are one of only three organisations being considered for the Farming Today ‘Farming for the Future’ category at the national awards.

Regather have said:

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for a BBC Food & Farming award. 💪🏆🤩 We are one of three organisations being considered in the Farming Today ‘Farming for the Future’ category.

To have our work recognised on a national stage is such a big moment for us! The reason we are on the shortlist (and the competition was hot) is because we not only grow food, but we also contribute to the development of local food infrastructure through our research work. A role now supported as part of the South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre.

Regather has been campaigning for fairer access to a food system that is more accountable and sustainable for many years.

Whether that is unlocking land for organic growing, plant propagation & composting, creating new community orchards or insisting that food producing skills are taught in schools, we will keep on advocating for a food system that is better for people and for the planet.

Thanks to all the support from our customers that has kept us going and allowed to get where we are today. We could not have done it without you!

In classic Sheffield style, this photo shows our Gareth being interviewed by Charlotte Smith, of Farming Today, in the lashing rain.

Charlotte Smith smiling and wearing headphones, holding a microphone towards Gareth Roberts, with a third person in the background. All are wearing waterproof jackets. Standing on a path in a green setting in the rain.