South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

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Crowdfunding update

Thank you for the donations received so far.  The current total stands at an amazing £6,385.

The money raised will help the Alliance maintain a small staff team to continue answering your emails, co-ordinating events, producing the newsletter and maintaining the websites whilst we seek alternative, longer term funding.

We do not charge any membership fees to part of the Alliance, but we do have staff costs and modest overheads that have to be paid.

As well as providing a network for existing climate action and campaign groups, we want to help the increasing numbers of people who are turning to us for advice and support in response to the climate and ecological emergencies, and to link them to the opportunities for action many of you provide.  We aim to publicise the work of our Allies, provide accredited Carbon Literacy Training to inspire others to join the climate movement and offer continued support as new groups form and find their feet.

The appeal is due to close at the end of September, please donate if you can.

You can also set up a regular monthly donation through the Local Giving page if you are able to support us in that way.