South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Systems Change / Campaigns Heading

While we all need to make changes at an individual level, we also need our governments – both local and national – to act to bring about the structural and policy changes needed for a low-carbon future.

There are things that we can do to press governments to act.

1. Engage with your local representatives

Let your MP and local councillors know that there is public support for policies that will bring about rapid and extensive emissions reductions – and that they have a mandate to take decisive action. 

Meeting local politicians might sound intimidating. Hope for the Future is a Sheffield-based climate charity who can help you to do this. They offer free training and support to give you the skills and confidence to communicate effectively with your representatives.

2. Back a local campaign

Add your voice to ….

by signing petitions, joining marches, writing letters.

Find details of current campaigns here:


3. Join a campaign group

Join a local group campaigning for change on the many different issues that affect the climate and nature issues.

From improving public transport, providing better infrastructure for active travel, campaigning for clean air, to increasing access to nature, improving food systems and reducing waste – there’s a group you can get involved with.

For example:

Better Buses for South Yorkshire brings together people and groups who want to see bus services improved for the benefit of passengers and communities. They campaign for franchising and a return to public control of our buses.

South Yorkshire Fossil Free! aim is to persuade South Yorkshire Pension Authority to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies and to reinvest that money in green technologies.

Find out more here: