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Can Do South Yorkshire

Our Can Do South Yorkshire project aims to empower people to take climate action, by connecting people, nature and climate.

We know that climate action brings people together. It can improve our individual and collective wellbeing and make a positive change across South Yorkshire and beyond.

We want to empower people to take climate action, wherever and whenever we can, whether that’s at home, school or university, workplace or community space.

Can Do South Yorkshire provides accurate information about the positive changes and the steps we can all take to help fight climate change.

We also tell the stories of people already making those changes – from Kids Plant Trees helping kids across South Yorkshire plant trees, connect with nature, and make our planet a little bit greener – to Food Works, saving thousands of tonnes of food waste from landfill and feeding our communities.

Community Climate Action

Building on what we have learned from our Can Do partnership, we now have an important new initiative to reach out to community groups across South Yorkshire. 

Public awareness of the climate and nature emergency has developed to such a level that many people are looking to do something direct and positive themselves. We want to foster and support community-based groups across South Yorkshire who want to take practical local action to help tackle the climate and nature emergency in their own neighbourhoods – they may be based around streets, workplaces, a shared faith or a school PTA – anywhere that local people come together. We will offer opportunities for groups to network, learn from each other, and to build links with specialist groups within the network who want to develop their work further.

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If you would like to contribute your ideas, contacts and/or enthusiasm, please get in touch via

Can Do South Yorkshire is funded by The National Lottery’s Community Fund. It is run by South Yorkshire Climate Alliance together with partners from across South Yorkshire.