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Find an activity

We’re starting to collect here ideas for community-based activities and initiatives, examples of activities community groups have tried, projects they have undertaken and their stories. Some may provide a flash of inspiration, others an opportunity to share experience and learning.

We’d love to hear you from you! Whether you have a ‘light bulb’ idea to share, or would like to tell us your story in more detail, your knowledge and experience can inspire and motivate others. Every initiative has something to teach us. Click here to add your activity.

We also want your feedback – let us know what you find useful, as well as what is not useful to you. These pages are a work-in-progress and the way they develop will be guided by you! Click here to leave feedback.

Use a TerraCycle box to collect hard-to-recycle plastics – click to find out how Greener Greenhill did this!
Hold an ‘e-bike trial’ for people who might by interested in buying an electric bike. Local people who already have an e-bikes could let others have a go on them to find out what they’re like.
Organise a guided bird-song recognition walk in your local area. This is great for well-being and connecting with nature, and can lead to conversations about how we can help nature in our own homes and outdoor spaces.
Hold a ‘Bike MOT’ session where people can bring their bikes along for minor repairs or adjustments. Find volunteers who know how to fix bikes or see if your local bike shop can help out.
A group of residents in High Storrs got together to start a community climate action group – click to find out more