South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Can you help keep our alliance alive?
With record temperatures, forest fires and flooding around the world increasingly making the news headlines, working together as a South Yorkshire Climate Alliance is more important than ever. But our grant funding has now come to an end, and without new sources of funding, we will have to close our operations by end of the year.
We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable us continue our work. If you can, please donate. Your donation will help us provide a bridge so we can continue to run events, provide advice and guidance to communities looking to take action on climate change and to be proactive in promoting community climate action across South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

We are tackling climate change in South Yorkshire – join us!

Carbon Literacy training

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance will be launching a new, South Yorkshire-focused, Carbon Literacy training course this Autumn. Carbon Literacy training aims to increase our awareness of the carbon costs of everyday activities, and improve our ability and motivation to reduce emissions. If you would like to find out more, please click the link below to add your contact details and we will email you with further information.

To build a low-carbon future, we need our governments – both local and national – to act now. Campaigning on the issues that matter helps to show decision-makers that there is widespread support for change. When you add your name to a petition, write a letter, or join a protest, you make your voice heard. For all campaign news and updates, click here.

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