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Green School Programme launched

Kids Plant Trees has launched its new Green School programme, giving more children under 11 equal access to nature.

Their first project, at Shooters Grove in Stannington, included a special assembly about the importance of nature and trees followed by workshops where pupils and teaching staff were invited to share their ideas on the creation of a new nature garden on the school field.

Over the next few months, Kids Plant Trees will help Shooters create that space and give pupils and staff the skills and knowledge to look after it.

Anna Parkin, Managing Director, says:

“We want to give kids a say on the green spaces where they play. We also want to improve those spaces for the wellbeing of children, grown-ups and wildlife.

We’re excited to launch our schools programme as we want kids and nature to thrive together and the only way to do that is to give them more opportunity to get outdoors, helping and enjoying nature.”