South Yorkshire Climate Alliance


Petition to Sheffield City Council to speed up its response to the climate emergency

Our petition to Sheffield City Council has now closed. It will be presented at the next full Council meeting on Monday 20 February, at 2pm. Join us outside the Town Hall beforehand to let Sheffield City Council know there is a demand for change. There will be street theatre, music and speakers. Meet on the Town Hall steps from 1pm, Monday 20 February.

It has been four years since Sheffield City Council declared a Climate Emergency. And yet, since that declaration on 6th February 2019, we have not seen anything like sufficient action.

Sheffield City Council has set a target to reach net-zero by 2030. And yet we don’t even have the plans to show how we will get there.

Nor are there clear plans to show how Sheffield intends to tackle the Nature Crisis which it recognised in 2021.

Despite commissioning a number of important reports, actions have not been implemented at the scale and speed that is actually required. On our current path, Sheffield’s all-time ‘carbon budget’ will have been used up by around 2027.

Tackling the climate emergency, with swift and appropriate action, will also help address the cost of living crisis. Sheffield is missing out on green jobs and training opportunities, locally owned community energy generation, increased food security and thousands of warm, insulated homes.

More can, and must, be done.



Installing solar panels (c) Ashden Ashden