South Yorkshire Climate Alliance


Clean Air Zone launched in Sheffield

Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone, which aims to reduce dangerous NO2 levels in the city, goes live today – 27 Feb 2023.

Private cars are exempt but, in line with national Government direction, the CAZ introduces charges for the most polluting commercial vehicles.
Beginning to address our poor air quality is a welcome move – one person dies from air pollution in the UK every 8 to 13 minutes, and many others have their health seriously compromised. Less pollution means better health for everyone.
However, a CAZ is only one strategy to address air pollution and its impact on areas away from the city centre will need to be carefully monitored. Other measures, particularly better and cleaner public transport, are also necessary. However, SCA sees Sheffield’s clean air zone as an important first step.
For more information about the Clean Air Zone, including the assistance available to businesses to switch to less-polluting vehicles, see: