South Yorkshire Climate Alliance


SYCA lodges further objection to plans to develop Rose Hill

SCYA has again objected to the plans for a residential development at Rose Hill, which would destroy a biodiverse young woodland habitiat, following a new application from the developer.

In the context of the climate and nature emergencies, we no longer have the luxury of a gradual transition to more progressive policies, every decision we make now must be in the context of the emergency already existing.

Campaigners trying to save the re-wilded fields in Rose Hill from development breathed a sigh of relief back in March when the planning application was rejected by Doncaster council. Unfortunately the developer has now re-submitted the application – with only minimal changes – to build on this much-valued green space.

The Save Rose Hill group are once again urging supporters to submit objections to the new planning application.

You can lodge an objection by emailing, quoting the ref. 23/01305/4FULM and giving your name and address.

You can also make a comment online, on Doncaster council’s planning portal, here – where you can also read all of the documents and comments submitted so far.

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance submitted an objection to the original planning application, and has submitted a further objection to the re-submitted proposals. The full text of our objection states:

Re:  23/01305/4FULM

Erection of residential development with public open space and associated landscaping, drainage and infrastructure. 

(Being resubmission of application 22/01710/4FULM, refused on 14/04/2023.)

OBJECTION from the South Yorkshire Climate Alliance:

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance is an alliance of local organisations and individuals who are pressing for fair and effective action to tackle climate change.

We have visited the Rose Hill site, seen the very large number of objections already submitted in response to this latest application and are well aware of the very detailed and well-substantiated objections raised in response to the previous (refused) application. This objection aims to avoid simply re-stating these valid submissions.

This planning decision will be hugely significant for the continuing credibility of Doncaster Council’s declaration of a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2019, coming as we have just been watching the devastating effects of record temperatures and forestry fires around the world. It is clearer than ever that we no longer have the luxury of a gradual transition to more progressive policies, every decision we make now must be in the context of the emergency already existing.

In this instance, an existing and biodiverse young woodland habitat with important connectivity to Doncaster’s Green Infrastructure corridors would be lost, and the only promise would be for a replacement space elsewhere that might take 20 years or more to reach a similar level of maturity. These timescales are way too long and are inconsistent with the importance of maintaining coherent ecological networks with appropriate buffer zones.

In refusing essentially the same planning application earlier this year, Doncaster Council demonstrated its commitment to a ‘green heart’ – to protecting green spaces, existing habitats and biodiversity. That was the right decision to make – upholding its existing policy position and commitments, setting strong precedents that can be quoted to other developers in future planning applications, and securing public trust in local, democratic processes. The new application contains nothing that could justify a different outcome this time.

As we said in response to the previous application, this is a time for public bodies to show leadership in tackling the climate and biodiversity emergency, as you rightly recognised in 2019. On the basis of all the arguments put forward in objection to the Rose Hill planning application, we urge you not to put yourself on the wrong side of history.