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Free Trees for Communities Scheme

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority has launched its Free Trees for Communities Scheme

As part of my pledge to South Yorkshire I am committed to planting 1.4 million trees across the region. As part of that plan I am pleased to say that my Mayor’s Free Trees for Communities Scheme is now taking orders. The scheme gives packs of trees to communities across South Yorkshire as part of our plan to make places cleaner, greener and better off.

The first trees were planted in November 2023 at Kiveton Park Community Orchard, to mark the start of the scheme and National Tree Week.

National Tree Week is a stark reminder that despite the incredible technological innovations we’re seeing around the world, trees are still the be-all-end-all of the health of our planet.

Trees are not just a great way to take carbon out of our atmosphere and fight climate change, they also help to protect against flooding, promote biodiversity, and improve wellbeing.

In South Yorkshire we’re on a mission to plant as many trees as possible. In fact, we’re aiming to give-away 30,000 trees for community groups to plant this winter alone.

Native trees and woodlands are one of the best ways of combating climate change. By having an abundant supply of trees, we are able to better mitigate the impacts of a changing climate through reducing flood risk in river catchments and reducing street temperatures in our urban centres.

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