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COP27 Sustainability Talks

The University of Sheffield and the Students’ Union will be hosting a series of sustainability talks across Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th November. These talks have been designed to give you an opportunity to gain an understanding of the research, work and teaching the University is doing to drive sustainability in everything we do.
These talks demonstrate our belief that through research, education and behavioural change, we are able to effectively contribute to a more sustainable world. With themes centred on Energy, Youth and Future Generations, and Food Agriculture, this series of talks will present a fantastic opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the research and work done at Sheffield.

Tuesday 15th:

Theme: Agri-Food – Surplus Superpowers: The Social Value of Surplus Food by Dr Megan Blake, Department of Geography.  Timings: 2pm – 3pm

This talk will discuss the capacities of surplus food and consider how community-based redistribution of surplus food when organised differently has the ability to feed into how we can meet the Sustainable Development goals.

Theme: Agri-Food – Made Together: Our Cow Molly and the University of Sheffield session by Our Cow Molly and Peter Anstess, Accomodation Services.  Timings: 3pm – 4pm
An exciting opportunity to learn about the University of Sheffield’s work with the locally based business Our Cow Molly to develop sustainable dairy farming practices.
Theme: Education – Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by SJ Cooper Knock, Senior Lecturer in Criminology.  Timings: 4pm – 4:30pm
The University has committed to embedding ESD into every module across every degree. Find out more about what ESD is, and the progress we have made so far.
Theme: Energy – Sustainable energy and carbon capture by Professor Jon Gibbins, Professor of Power Plant Engineering and Carbon Capture, Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Timings: 4:30pm – 5pm
This talk will discuss alternative sustainability energy strategies, and research around carbon capture, and how this can be harnessed to adapt to the climate crisis.
16th November:
Theme: Youth and Future Generations – Sustainability Career Panel  Timings: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Chair: Helen Smith (Head of Careers & Deputy Director of Academic Programmes and Student Engagement) Panellists: Dr Ankit Kumar (Lecturer in Development and Environment, Dep of Geography), Dr Richard Randle-Boggis (Research Associate, School of Biosciences), Lucy Jeczalik (Hope for the Future) and Samuel Timson (Welfare and Sustainability Officer, SU). This panel talk will answer questions around how to get into sustainability, sharing the importance of green jobs, their motivations and reasons for getting into this sector, as well as highlighting associated challenges. The panellists will provide advice and top-tips on essential skills needed to be successful within this field, and share their own experiences. Discussions will also occur around what the future will look like in terms of green jobs, with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions too.
Theme: Sustainable Transport – Delivered by Darren Hardwick, Car Parking & Sustainable Travel Manager.  Timings: 3:30pm – 4:00pm
Learn more about the University’s progress and actions taken to mitigate our carbon emissions from transport on and off campus, including what our Transport Policy means for us.

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Nov 15 - 16 2022


The talks will take place between 2 - 5pm on the 15th, and 2:30 - 4pm on the 16th.
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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