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Following on from our launch last month, we will be holding an in-person event as part of the national Green Jobs For All campaign on Saturday 24th April from 11am-1pm. The main event will be outside Sheffield Town Hall (more details to follow!) We’re aiming to increase awareness of Green New Deal UK  and the broad nature of green jobs.


Through performances from those who already have Green Jobs and those who want to one, we’ll be showing how Green Jobs can improve people’s lives, employment opportunities and communities as well as decreasing our carbon footprint.


There will also be the opportunity for the public to find out more about the campaign as a whole, with information available on local and national statistics. We will also be encouraging the public to share their perspectives on the need for Green Jobs on a colourful “washing line” installation.


What are Green Jobs?

  • Jobs that reduce CO2 like making and installing home insulation, public transport, wind and solar power, heat pumps that replace gas central heating, building electric trains and buses

  • Jobs that restore nature like tree planting,peat bog preservation, natural flood defences and nature friendly farming

  • Low carbon jobs like carers, teachers and nurses, that make our society a better place

All kinds of people need these jobs and the skills training to be prepared for the job:

  • School leavers looking for work

  • People made redundant by Covid-19

  • People in carbon intensive industries who want to retrain

  • People who want to work in the low carbon and socially useful sectors like teaching, care work and health


There are also plenty of ways you can get involved on social media. Check out GNDSY on Twitter, and on our webpage here for details of upcoming meetings. Have a look at  #GreenJobsForAll;  it reached 1 million people last month!

The event is finished.


Apr 24 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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