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Transforming Urban Transport

Limiting climate change, pollution and congestion are all good reasons for a radical move away from our-car-dominated urban transport system. Solutions are varied, often involving more active travel and public transport, or reducing the need to travel. In recent years, Sheffield has introduced several initiatives to limit car usage and promote active travel and a charging Clean Air Zone. Other proposed measures have been scaled back or dropped, due to opposition. This has been driven by the immediate practical impacts on local peoples’ lives and -to a greatly disputed extent– media misinformation about climate policies. Meanwhile, whilst an improved bus service is generally accepted as vital, it is still declining.

As part of the Sheffield Festival of Debate, South Yorkshire Climate Alliance has invited several speakers with a variety of perspectives on the transport debate. Some will draw attention to the growing evidence about the serious impacts of climate change and air quality, which may not seem as tangible to many people as any practical issues resulting from efforts to address them. We will also hear from those who have feared or experienced difficulties from transport measures. How can these be resolved, and can this be done without rowing back on the pace of transformation?

The audience will also be invited to ask questions and contribute ideas.

Our Speakers are :-

Professor Greg Marsden, a University of Leeds climate and transport policy expert.

Leigh Bramall, of consultants Counter Context. Leigh supports local authorities to communicate, consult and engage on sustainable transport projects and policies across the north, including in Sheffield.

Rizwana Lala, whose work has included advising the NHS on how active travel and affordable public transit can tackle health inequalities.

Nasar Raoof is a sub postmaster, who advocates for a progressive partnership to achieve greener and incentivised travel options.

Graham Jones, Burngreave Clean Air Campaign

Emily, CycleSheffield

Fran Postlethwaite, Better Buses SY

The event is finished.


May 15 2024


6:45 pm - 9:00 pm


Dorothy Fleming Lecture Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University
Charles Street Building, Charles Street, S1 1WB

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