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Your Voice Heard: Online Training

How to make a difference on climate change with your elected representative.

Why talk to elected representatives about climate change?

Climate change is a top issue of concern for us all across the country but we know it’s not always easy to get your voice heard with decision makers for positive action. Hope for the Future’s expert and friendly staff understand where you’re coming from and with their training and support, they bridge the gap from you to your elected representative. MPs and Councillors exist to represent your interests. The more they hear from you, the higher climate change will rise on the government’s agenda both locally and nationally.


What could I get from Your Voice Heard training?

You can start your journey to making a difference on climate change in just one hour with our free online training session. After your training session you’ll have the most important top tips and principles to get started.


What happens next? Is that it?

Next, we will support you with personalised 1:1 support. We’re keen to listen to your experiences and understand the issues you’re most concerned about. We understand the political system can be complicated and hard to navigate, but we’re here to make sure you can use your right to have your say. We can guide you to make a difference in whatever way suits you best, including supporting you to write a letter and/or to meet your MP or Councillor.


Will my voice make a difference?

We support people to get their voices heard because it makes a big impact. We can help your voice have maximum impact on climate policies for large scale change. Our team of Researchers look into what’s within your target politician’s power to achieve, and which issues you’re most likely to have success with.

This training is open to all and so covers general principles and techniques. If you’re part of a local group and would like to receive our training, tailored to your local area and your local MP or Councillor, please get in touch at


About Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future is a climate charity which works to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country with the skills to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians. Each year, we train over 1,000 people and work with over 100 MPs and councils across the UK, alongside running community events and school workshops.

Our aim is to ensure everyone’s voice is heard as the UK takes action on climate change. Find out how you can get involved in creating a more sustainable future at

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Aug 09 2023


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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