South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Bentley Urban Farm

Bentley Urban Farm uses reclaimed materials to repair and maintain a former horticultural training centre in the former mining community of Bentley, just north of Doncaster. The use of reclaimed materials cuts down overheads and shows that there is no such thing as ‘waste’, just wasted opportunities. The farm teaches people how to grow food […]

Greener Greenhill

The WhatsApp covid support started on one street quickly evolved into a much broader neighbourhood group as restrictions were lifted and now actively involves 35 households. A key feature is the regular circulation of household items for re-use by others. Up to 10 items are advertised each week, often many more. They range from books […]

Tickhill St Mary’s Primary School

In 2022 children from Tickhill St Mary’s Primary School were crowned ‘Waste Warriors’ in a national Community Compost competition initially attracting over 100 other entrants. This was an initiative to encourage children and parents alike to reduce waste and begin composting by taking a hands-on approach. Almost 9,000 ‘scraps’ were collected, from lunchtime meals to […]

Refurbish Doncaster

Doncaster Refurnish is a small charitable organisation that provides community benefit in the region of South Yorkshire. We use the medium of recycling furniture and household goods to train and develop people.

Waste Less South Yorkshire

We provide advice and guidance for people across South Yorkshire about all things recycling and waste reduction. We aim to promote recycling across South Yorkshire, encourage a reduction in leftover household waste and save people money!